Slice of Life: Plant-Based Dieting & Vegan Food – The Engine 2 Challenge

For the next 28 days, I will be doing the Engine 2 challenge! Yeah, I know this post isn’t about film. But I did warn you that I’ll do “slice of life” posts every now and then.

So yeah, for the next month I will only eat plant-based foods. You can find details here, but I will say that this is a way for me to clean up my eating habits in a nice competitive package. I have been a vegetarian before, and I enjoyed it. I spent like half of 2013 without eating any red meat, but that was a while ago. I had a pretty good 2014, but I didn’t lose as much weight as I was aiming to. Also, I want to finish my college career in good health. Diabetes is a curse upon my house, and I’d like to break those chains for myself early.

engine 2 vegan foods cheap
Some examples of our “foods.”
So The Wife kept pushing me to do this. She’s really subtle, she’s like “Do you want to do the Engine 2 Challenge?” I kept responding back with “YOU should do it!” After a few pouty faces, I agreed to do it.

Today was our first official day. Some of my coworkers have already started, but we needed a launch day. For breakfast, The Wife made some oatmeal with a lot of fruit and a bit of maple syrup. It was tasty! I felt full throughout most of my morning. For lunch I had a fruit salad and unsalted mixed nuts. It was stressful finding the mixed nuts on the UNC Charlotte campus. You see, most of their cafes and coffee shops have plenty of pastries, and not a lot of great items diet wise. So my lunch was well deserved, and I’m surprised that I felt well enough with that sustenance. But by about 5pm, I felt famished. It will become easier, for sure. I just have to get used to eating at a healthier pace.

We did a big ole grocery run tonight, so our fridge is full of greenery. It’s nice. After the challenge, I’ll probably bring some dairy back into my diet. We’ll see what I do with meats. I am not going to drink alcohol during the challenge, but I am still gonna stick with coffee. Just not as much, and I’ll skip the sweeteners and dairy creamers, obviously.

Yo, vegans, hit me up with some recipes and suggestions!

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