Life Update #1

For years, when I would tell people I want to be a filmmaker, I never felt comfortable enough to say that I am one. I am cool with that now, so here’s some personal, filmmaking news from a filmmaker.

The most important news is that I have a camera now. I’ve been using my school’s camera (and my sister’s Nikon D5100, but I knew I had to invest in my own. So I did some research and decided the Canon 70D is the one for me. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. What I always hated about my old films was that I couldn’t take direct control of my image. Now I can — the 70D has tons of controls and pretty much allows me to control every aspect with an intuitive menu. The footage from it right out of the box is pretty much amazing. I also invested in a shotgun microphone, boom pole, sound recorder, fluid drag tripod, and some lens filters.

Here is a short clip of Pete that I made with it.

Additionally, I’ve been contemplating making my own light stands, but I realized you can just use an old tripod for one if you utilize the clamp light method. I already have one busted tripod, so I can probably get my hands on a few more of those pretty easily. Or at least, tripods missing heads and stuff. I am gonna also get some gels to change the light temperature when needed.

Also, I wrote a short with my cousin Josh and we’ll be pursuing that throughout this year. It’s first draft, so it needs a lot of work from here. We will call this Project SPIDR. The first draft will go into a few re-writes, and we’ll start planning out the hard stuff after that. I’m thinking of making The Wife crunch numbers, but I have no clue what that means.

A project I made last semester is now featured on this website: A Study in Homelessness. The short form documentary piece I made is called “Like A Dream Come True.”


One thought on “Life Update #1

  1. Congrats on the new gear! Its a huge step! That Pete is such a cutie. I’m following your blog and look forward to more amazing stuff that your doing. Keep me updated, I’d love to support you.

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