Graduated from UNC Charlotte, now I’m job hunting!

My family at graduation.
My family at graduation.

Big announcement! I have graduated from UNCC with my BA in Communication Studies, Mass Media and a minor in Film Studies. All of this make me wonder, has it been two and a half years already? That’s wild! I still remember my first day of class, I was so intimidated that I felt sick. The worst part was that I had to take public speaking — I had attempted that two times before, but had dropped it both times.

I’ll say this much, sometimes it’s difficult making friends when you’re 30, married, and you live a half-hour drive from campus. I did make a few friends, and a lot of good connections, though. Now that it’s over, I kind of wish I had another year and a half to make four continuous years — but I think my wife would have killed me were that the choice.

So now I am on to that phase of my life known as the Great Job hunt! Ideally, I would like to become a videographer/video editor for a marketing team, or even a copywriter. Regardless, I will still work on both my writing and my video skills while applying for jobs. As for locations, I am looking in Charlotte, Greenville, and Asheville. Why not? Those are the only places in the South I really enjoy. The Wife wants to stay near our family, and I dig that.

So I am going to make it a point to keep updating my blog! Since I am done with school, I will finally have time to write for myself again. It was frustrating to step away, but necessary. I was writing papers almost weekly for the last two months. What kind of posts would interest you guys? Let me know. I can always do production posts, writing posts, slice of life posts, etc. Leave me your feedback in the comments.


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