Driving without directions

Linville River Bridge
The Wife and I being goofs at the Linville River Bridge.

I thought about titling this DO THE FRIGHT THING, but then my better judgement kicked in.

Over the past year, I’ve adopted a new policy for my life — choose the scariest option available. I know that sounds weird, but I realize that comfort can sometimes be a crutch. It sounds scary, eh?

On Wednesday, my wife and I decided to have an adventure. We packed up some trail mix and drove off, not knowing our destination. So we spent the day exploring parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway, antiquing, and exploring caverns. If you have never spent time in the area, I highly recommend it.

Linville River Gorge
The Linville River Gorge was beautiful.

Now that I’m a graduate, job hunting is kind of scary. I start searching, and I feel like I am plummeting through the atmosphere, burning up as I go. But being out in nature grounds me — my mind comes back to earth, and I can relax. Also, hiking up and down a few mountains made me realize I need to get serious about my diet and fitness again.

It was a satisfying getaway — which makes me wonder, what other hidden gems can I find in here in North Carolina?


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