Connect VCR to PC: Converting VHS for DVD & YouTube

Can you plug your old VCR into your computer? Actually, yeah. There’s a few ways to go about it, too.

If you had a video card with the proper RCA/s-video input, that would be simple. But if you don’t, you can snag a VHS converter from Amazon. It captures video at a decent resolution, and is great for archiving VHS footage before time sets in and your tape gets distorted.

The only downside is, you’ll run into some conversion errors every now and then. For example, the above clip of Toddler Max walking around with Grandpa. It wasn’t originally synced to the Pink Panther theme, but the audio and video somehow got mixed up during conversion. It looks like the audio would run at a different time if there were errors in the magnetic VHS tape.

It takes a little bit of work in a video editor to fix it up, but it is possible! It slows you down, though. If you wanted to add your own VHS look to your project, you could easily import some old tapes and overlay those clips in your project.

Have you tried to archive any old family home movies? Let me know your tricks in the comments!


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